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Research in the Microfluidics and Multiphase Flow Laboratory is highly interdisciplinary; incorporating aspects of multiphase flows, interfacial science, microfluidics, and biotechnology. We are using electrospray technology to direct write (i.e. "print") solution-processed nanomaterials with defined structure over multiple scales. This technology plays an important role in manufacturing the next-generation of flexible nanoelectronics, solar cells, smart bandages, and biosensors. We are investigating the use of microfluidic technologies to produce highly-customizable emulsions with controllable interfacial properties, morphology, and internal contents. These emulsions serve as templates to build synthetic vesicles that mimic natural cells. With our collaborators, we are leveraging microfluidics and enhanced ion mobility spectrometry to develop point-of-care biosensors used in the early detection of cancer. Enhanced ion mobility spectrometry is a multi-dimensional approach to protein identification and detection based on ion mobility and the rheological properties of the sample. Finally, we are investigating the use of electrospray in combustion applications and are exploring fluid-solid interactions using high velocity continuous droplet streams.


Last Updated: June 17, 2014


12/15/14: Li, Mikhail, and Rebecca's paper published in "Microfluidics and Nanofluidics"

12/15/14: Niko and Jessica's paper published in "ASME Journal of Micro and Nano-Manufacturing"

11/30/14: Dr. Chiarot speaks at ASME IMECE in Montreal

5/30/14: Stephanie has joined the lab as an HHMI Scholar

5/30/14: Jessica will start PhD at UT Austin in the Fall, Congrats!

4/3/14: Ami is awarded an HHMI Summer Fellowship

4/3/14: Rebecca is awarded a Summer Scholars Fellowship

3/20/14: Dr. Chiarot speaks at RIT

2/1/14: Sepehr has joined the lab

11/24/13: Li, Niko, and Mikhail present posters at the APS DFD in Pittsburgh

9/1/13: Jessica has joined the lab

7/14/13: Will and John's paper published in "Experiments in Fluids"

6/19/13: Ami has joined the lab

6/12/13: Niko and Rebecca have joined the lab

5/6/13: Will Doak received an Undergraduate Research Award and was awarded an "Honorable Mention" for the Provost's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

11/19/12: Dr. Chiarot speaks at APS DFD in San Diego

9/1/12: Mikhail Coloma has joined Dr. Chiarot and Dr. Huang's lab

3/30/12: Dr. Chiarot speaks at RIT

2/25/12: "Electrospray from a Droplet" published in ETFS

12/2/11: "An Overview of Electrospray Applications in MEMS and Microfluidic Systems" published in JMEMS

10/24/11: Dr. Chiarot speaks at NJIT