Microfluidics and Multiphase Flow Laboratory
Department of Mechanical Engineering







Research in the Microfluidics and Multiphase Flow Laboratory is highly interdisciplinary; incorporating aspects of multiphase flows, interfacial science, microfluidics, energy, and biotechnology. We are using electrospray and inkjet technology to print solution-processed nanomaterials with defined structure over multiple length scales. These technologies plays an important role in manufacturing the next-generation of flexible nanoelectronics, solar cells, smart bandages, and biosensors. We are developing microfluidic bio-instrumentation to produce highly-customizable asymmetric vesicles with controllable membrane composition, size, and luminal content. These synthetic vesicles support fundamental studies on bacterial biofilms and membrane biology. Our energy research is focused on the use of electrohydrodynamic atomization of energy dense fuels combined with flameless catalytic combustion for portable power generation. Finally, our team is part of a diverse group exploring the fluid mechanics of the brain.


2/8/17: Aref and Tyler have joined the lab

12/21/16: Dr. Li Lu receives Graduate Student Excellence Award in Research (SUNY)

11/23/16: Paul and Mikhail present at the APS DFD in Portland, Oregon

10/21/16: Li successfully defends his PhD thesis. Congrats!

8/23/16: Li and Will's paper published in "Soft Matter"

8/23/16: Sepehr's paper published in "Journal of Applied Physics"

6/15/16: Yaqun has joined the lab

5/10/16: Will and Danielle's paper published in "Physics of Fluids"

1/11/16: Dr. Chiarot receives the NSF CAREER Award [Link]

1/5/16: Mikhail's paper published in the "Journal of Mathematical Biology"

11/24/15: Li, Will, Mikhail, Niko, Sepehr, and Yaser present at the APS DFD in Boston

7/22/15: Li's paper published in "Lab on a Chip"

7/17/15: Li, Mikhail, and Paul present at ICNMM/InterPACK in San Francisco

updated: Aug. 5, 2015