Corner cross-transpositions

The usual notation U, R, D, L, B, F is extended to slice and antislice moves.
Us,Rs,Ds,Ls,Bs,Fs are slice moves UD',RL',DU',LR',BF',FB'.
Ua,Ra,Da,La,Ba,Fa are antislice moves UD,RL,DU,LR,BF,FB.
Sr, Sl, Sf, Sb, Su, Sd are the center slice moves adjoining faces R,L,F,B,U,D.
[P*Q] means the same as P Q P'
[P;Q] means the same as P Q P'Q'
Lowercase letters u,r,d,l,b,f represent twists of the whole Cube, so that u = UsSu, r = RsSr and so on. For example dFR'U = LF'Ud = LF'U.
Character ^ represents mirroring (usually R<->L).

The numbers in the second column denote the number of quarter moves and face moves.

U²R²sD²B U²R²sD²F18,10
R²D²R'U'R D²R²D R U R'D'16,12
U L D'L'U'L²U²L'D L U²L²16,12
R'F'R F'R'F R F'R'F R F'R'F²R16,15
L'U²R U R'U'R U R'U'R U R'U L16,15
(D'F U F D F U'F')²16
D'F'L D²B²R'B'R B'D²L²F L D18,14
U'R'F D²L²B'L'B L'D²F²R F U18,14
D'L'U'L D R'aU L U'R U12
L D L'U L U'aR U L'U'R'12
D'F²D R²U'R'U'L'U'L U'R'14,12
L'F'L F'L F L²F L²F²L'F²16,12
D'F²D²F D²F D F'D F'D'F²16,12
D'F²UaL D²L D L'D L'U F²16,13
D'F'aL²F L²B D F'D F'D'F²16,13
D'L'U'L D L'U F R F'L F R'F'14
L'F R F'L F U R'D R U'R'D'F'14
R²L D L B R'B'R²L'D'L'F'R F16,14
R BsL'FsR'F'R²B L B'R²F16,14
R'D R F R²L B R D'R'B'R²L'F'16,15
R D'B²D R'F'R D'B²D R'F14,12
U F²U²F'LsF²RsF'U²F²U18,13
The three-tuple associatedwith each algorithm denotes the number of quarter moves, face moves, and slice moves.