Twisting or flipping cubes in place

The usual notation U, R, D, L, B, F is extended to slice and antislice moves.
Us,Rs,Ds,Ls,Bs,Fs are slice moves UD',RL',DU',LR',BF',FB'.
Ua,Ra,Da,La,Ba,Fa are antislice moves UD,RL,DU,LR,BF,FB.
Sr, Sl, Sf, Sb, Su, Sd are the center slice moves adjoining faces R,L,F,B, U,D.
[P*Q] means the same as P Q P'
[P;Q] means the same as P Q P'Q'
Lowercase letters u,r,d,l,b,f represent twists of the whole Cube, so that u = UsSu, r = RsSr and so on. For example dFR'U = LF'Ud = LF'U.
Character ^ represents mirroring (usually R<->L).

The numbers in the second column denote the number of quarter moves and face moves.

This is a set of algorithms for solving positions in the last layer when all the corners and edges are in place but they are to be twisted or fliped.

Positions which appear in sections dealing solely with corners and edges are not included here.

R'D²L D L'F D R U²L'U'L F'U' 16,14
U L²F²R'F L'F'RaF²L²F'U'F 18,14
R F R'F'U²R²D R'U R U'aR²U² 18,14
U'F'R'F R²B U²L'U L U B'R'U F² 18,15
D'F'D F²D'F²R'F L'F'RaF D F² 18,15
L F²L'F²D'F U'F'UaF L F²L'F' 18,15
U F L'U L U²R'D'F'L D'L'D²R 16,14
R F U²F²U'aF U F'D F²U²R'F' 18,14
U²R²UaR'U'R D'R²U²F R F'R' 18,14
U'F'R'aF R F'L F²U F²U'F U F² 18,15
D'L B D'R'D'R D²B'L²F'L F D F² 18,15
D F²D'F'L'aF L F'R F²D F²D'F 18,15
D R²U²R'B'R B U²R²D'R U'R'U 18,14
U'F²U²FaU'F'U B'U²F²R U R' 18,14
U'F R D'F D F²U'B'R'D B'D'B²U² 18,15
U'BsU F'aU²B U B'U²F²R U R' 18,15
R'F D'R'aF'D'F D RaD²R'D'R²F' 18,16
U'R U R'D R²U²B'R'B R U²R²D' 18,14
R U'R'F²U²B U'F U F'aU²F²U 18,14
U²B²D B D'R B U F²D'F'D R'F'U 18,15
R U'R'F²U²B U'B'U²FaU'FsU 18,15
U²R U R²U'aR'F'R F UaR F'U F 18,16
U L'U'L F'U'R'D²L D L'F D R U 16,15
U²R U R²F R D'F'D²R'D'R²F'R'U F 20,16
U'R'D'F'L D'L'D²R U F L'U L U' 16,15
R'D F D²L D L²F L D'F'D²R'D'R²F 20,16
U'F²L'F R'F'RaF U F²U'F'U F² 18,15
L'F²R F R'F²L²D F D'F'RsF R' 18,15
U'F U L D F D'F'D F'D'L'U'F'U F 16
U F R'U'R F²R'F'D'F UaR F²U'F 18,16
D'F'L'F L F'L D'L'D L D'L'D L'F L D 18
R U²B L²F L'F'U'F²U L'B'U R U R² 20,16
R U'R'U'B L U'F²U F L F'L²B'U² 18,15
U'R'aF'R F U F²U'L U F'L'F'L F² 18,16
U L F L'F'DsF U'aF²D F D'F²U 18,16
U²B L²F L'F'U'F²U L'B'U R U R' 18,15
R'F R F D'R'D F²D'F'L'F LaD F² 18,16
U'F²D F'D'F²UaF'UsF L F'L'U' 18,16
U L F L'F'L F'L'U'R'F'R F R'F R 16
R F²R²F'D'F D R'B R'F'R B'R²F' 18,15
R F²R²F'R F²L F'R F L'F U'R'U 18,15
U²L'U'L²D R F U'R U R²D'L'F'U' 18,15
D²R²U²R'B'R B U²R²D'R U'R'Us 20,15
R'F'R F'R'F R U L F L'F L F'L'U' 16
U²B U'F U B'U R'F'R F U²F²U'F 18,15
U'R U F'L F'R'F L'F²R'F R²F²R' 18,15
U F L D R²U'R'U F'R'D'L²U L U² 18,15
DsR U R'D R²U²B'R'B R U²R²D² 20,15
U'F'U²L'U'L²F'L'F² 12,9
U'R U'R'U²F'L F'L'F² 12,10
D'F²R'F'R²U'R'U²F'Ds 14,11
R'D'F²R F U F'U'R'D F R F' 14,13
R'D'F'D F R D'L'F'L F D F² 14,13
UsF U²R U R²F R F²D 14,11
U'F'R'U L F L'F'U'F²R U F 14,13
U'F'R'F R U L'F'U'F U L F² 14,13
L'B'U F'D R U R'D'F U'B L F 14
U L F²U'F'U²L'U'L²F'L²U' 16,12
U'B'R F'L D R'D'L'F R'B U F' 14
U L²F L²U L U²F U F²L'U' 16,12
R²L B'D²R D F D'F'R'B D R D'Rs 18,16
D F R UaF R F'R'U'aF'R'D' 14
U L F UaL F L'F'U'aL'F'U' 14
U F U²F'L F R'L'F R F'U²F U F² 18,15*
U F U²R U R²F R²F R²D R D²F D 20,15
L'U'R'F R U L F D F'D'F D F²D' 16,15
D F²D'F'D F D'F'L'U'R'F'R U L 16,15
U L F L'F'U'aL'F'L F D 12
D'F'L'F L UaF L F'L'U' 12
D'F'D F'D'R'aF'D'F D RaF²D 16,15
U'R'U L'U'R U'R²B²L'D L B²R²U²L F' 22,17
D'L²U²B²D'R'D B²U²L U'L D L'U L F 22,17
L'F'L²D'L'D²F'UsF U²R U R²F R 20,16
D'L²U²B²D'R B U B'D B U'B U²L²D F' 22,17
L'F'U'F U L U L F L'F'U'F² 14,13
U L F'D F D'F'L'U'F'R'F²R F² 16,14
(R'D'F D R U F'U')² 16
D B R'F L'U'R²U L F'R B'D'F² 16,14
RsB U B'R'B L F'L'B'L U'R U R'F² 18,17
D F'U'F D'F'D B R B'UsF'R'D R D'F' 18
(U'F'U²L'U'L²F'L')² 20,16

* -these algorithms have been added from 'Goodbook' supplied by Razoux Schulz