Here are my best times on cube-like puzzles: (I am using the Jessica Fridrich technique (she is very fast) but I only know about half the moves and only know one trigger- also for lack of a greased cube (which seems to be quite necessary for triggering) I can not practise fast at the moment so I am practising blindfold cubing at the moment.
I've just found out you can do half-turns at oinkleburger! Maybe I can get my times down a bit more now. Actually, maybe I am confused with this new discovery but it seems faster to do 2 quarter turns.
2x2x2: 4.269 seconds (at oinkleburger) - I've never really tried for time on a real 2x2x2 cube.
3x3x3: 27 seconds (twice - on a lubed cube)
4x4x4: 1 minute 38.814 seconds (on the cubes at I find these geometrically quite hard to visualize and need a better mouse but my real life Rubik Revenge broke.
5x5x5: 2 minutes 29.317 seconds (also at oinkleburger - my real cube is hard to twist and looks too fragile to lubricate - actually, I am much faster on the oinkleburger cube at this size).
6x6x6: 4 minutes 25.164 seconds
7x7x7: 6 minutes 51.822 seconds
8x8x8: 12 minutes 04.185 seconds
9x9x9: 16 minutes 34.691 seconds
10x10x10: 22 minutes 14.147 seconds
11x11x11: 29 minutes 56.932 seconds
12x12x12: 46 minutes 18.419 seconds
13x13x13: 1 hour 4 minutes 18.662 seconds
14x14x14: 1 hour 20 minutes 27.099 seconds
15x15x15: 1 hour 43 minutes 01.865 seconds
16x16x16: 2 hours 5 minutes 35.886 seconds
17x17x17: 2 hours 34 minutes 43.761 seconds (I messed up the centres and lost 5-10 minutes.)
20x20x20: 3 hours 53 minutes 39.573 seconds (I messed up a few times)
I used to do the centres last but now I do the centres first - it helps the time a bit and the number of moves.
I do 2 opposite centres first, then 2 adjacent centres and finally the 2 remaining centres (n>5) - for n=4,5 I do opposite centres in pairs. I usually do white as Up face because I know that if white is Up and green is Front then red is Right (on my cube) but I am less familiar with what happens if other colours are Up.
Magic: sub-2 seconds
Magic (with feet): 18 seconds
Cube (1 hand): 2 minutes 12 seconds (if I recall correctly) on a non-lubed cube (left hand slower, can't recall)
Magic ME: it was a long time ago, I guess 24 seconds
Clock: about 12 seconds I found moves could be done with the buttons half way
2x2x2: 1 look (12 seconds to examine)
3x3x3: 1 look (3 cubes) (95 seconds examining time for 1 cube, 15-16 minutes for 2 cubes)
4x4x4: 1 look (about 16-17 minutes to examine then I watched some football and then had a quick refresher before the attempt) (best recorded time for solving the 4x4x4 blindfold (not including examining time) 1 hour 7 minutes 14 seconds)

Last updated: 22 May 2002