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Good ECE Band Names

Suppose you have a band made up of Electrical and Computer Engineers....

What would be a good name for the band????  Here are some:

  1. Kurt Tosis and His Standard Deviations

  2. J. K. and The Flip Flops

  3. Litte E and The J-Thetas   (from Ryan Kulesza - EECE301 Student, Fall 2011)

  4. Jay Omega and Exponentials (inspired by the above name)

  5. Twisted Pair (for a Duo)

  6. The Least Squares

  7. The Decaying Exponentials

  8.  The Damned Sinusoids

  9. Degenerate Trapezoid

  10. Alice and Bob and The Code Breakers

  11. Steady State

  12. R.C. & The Time Constants

  13. The PN Junctions

  14. Depletion Region

  15. The Resistors

  16. Solve For X

  17. The Spectral Replicas  (for a band playing “cover versions”, of course)

  18. The Dead Batteries

  19. Mutual Misinformation 

  20. Hush Functions

  21.  Humming Distance

  22. Eddie Current and the Hysteresis

  23. Millieamp and The Sinewaves


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