More Frames 'n' Stuff

It's been a while since the last update so it should go without saying that so many things are moving along. The frame is entirely tacked and about halfway through being properly welded. Now from there suspension has been partially build and tacked, only a few more tacks and welds to go before it is ready to be sealed up and put on the car. Lastly the drivetrain is getting fitted and being put on the car this week as well. All in all we're busy people now.

Also: next Sunday, the 27th, we'll be having a fundraiser. People will be allowed to drive last year's Baja Vehicle around a track, competing for the fastest lap times. Come check it out! Details will be posted later this week

And finally, check out our sponsors. They have helped us out so much and this project would not be possible without them

I am Bender, Please Insert Tube

So real construction has begun! Better late than never we guess, the team has been stymied by some equipment setbacks but now we are on our way.

All day yesterday, March 13th, we were bending the chromolly tubing in preparation of today's tube notching. We even got the driver area mocked up with duct tape. The theory is, if the tape proves strong enough, we won't even have to worry about welding. Pictured is Call riding in the mocked-up car; despite the head injuries he is expected to continue to be a productive member of the team.

Car Show at the Oakdale Mall

This weekend at the Oakdake Mall is the annual Car Show featuring tons of racecars of all varieties including your own true Binghamton University Baja Team. The supermileage team will also be there and both teams should be around to answer any questions about the vehicle, the teams or getting involved.

On a related note, last week's Binghamton University day at the Mall was great, we showed the car off to tons of people and even managed to squeeze Baxter into the car.

We hope to see everyone there from Friday March 1st through Sunday the 3rd. We'll update with our booth location as soon as we know

Setting up Shop

As some of you may know, this year is the first year that the Binghamton Baja team has their own workshop! As our progress shifts from design to fabrication, we are quickly realizing what it takes to set up and maintain a clean and efficient work space. Much of our time and budget has been spent obtaining tools and equipment needed in order to properly fabricate our Baja vehicle. We are thankful for all of the help we have received from our sponsors so far in the form of supplies and guidance, we have come a long way and have a long way to go still!

New Semester Times Begin

Welcome back, first meetings have been held and the mini-baja team is back at it. Steel has been ordered as of today so real building can begin. Pictures will go up as they get taken. Hopefully we'll have some great pictures for everyone

Fall Presentation Senior Design Presentation

Hey everyone! SDP#43 or this very mini baja team will be giving our fall semester presentation at the ITC in the West Meeting Room (ES-2008W) at 11AM Friday December 14th, 2012

We will be presenting what we have done so far this semester, be it new design, materials research and analysis of new systems. We've worked very hard the past few weeks so this should be good! The next step is to start building.

On a note related to this Fall segment completion, this website should get more up and running for people to check out.

Welcome to Our New Site

We're just getting this website up and running, so bear with us as our look changes and functionality comes and goes.