Cube Links

Cube simulators and programs
Herbert Kociemba's Cube Explorer Herbert Kociemba, the inventor of the most popular and most powerful algorithm (1992) that can find algorithms (usually within 20 moves or less) for any position in just seconds. User-friendly interface. A neat feature is an automatic generator of pretty patterns (!) Herbert's work has inspired others to create similar programs that can achieve other unique feats
Mike Reid's Optimal Cube Solver that finds the optimal solution for any position
Ron Van Bruchem's Sticker Mode Program can ignore parts of the cube. Great for developing algorithms for the first two layers (in Tools section)
A-Cube at Josef Jelinek's site can also ignore parts of the cube. Runs in MS DOS using command-line-parameters interface
Oinkleburger Java Applet is actually not another tasteless McDonald's product but rather an ingenious Java simulator of NxNxN cubes
Karl Hörnel's Java Cube simulator was, I believe, the first user-friendly Java cube simulator available on the web

Speed solving resources
Ron van Bruchem's site contains algorithms for all inversions and permutations from my system and much more ...
Peter's site containing algorithms for the first two layers and the last layer adjusted for finger shortcuts, including reflections and inversions!
Chris Hardwick's page with a lot of useful information on speed solving, movies, records pages, and much more ...
Dan Knight's Speed Cubing Page with videos of finger shortcuts, speedcubing tips, and more
Lars Petrus' speed solving method is one of today's most popular speed solving methods
Josef Jelinek's site with a corners-first method and Hana Bizek's cube art
Ryan Heise's page with the human version of the Thistlethwaite Algorithm
Shon's speedcubing page with pictures and animations
Cubes for speedcubing

Records, unusual cube-feats
The Unofficial World Records Page by Chris Hardwick
Ralf Laue's Records from official contests. Ralf is one of the few people walking this planet who can solve the cube blindfolded
Chris Hardwick solving a 20x20x20 cube (!)
Gaetan Guimond's Page. Watch Gaetan solve the cube blindfolded in less than 30 sec. (!)

General cube resources
Speed Cubing Glossary
Jaap's Puzzle Page all kinds of Rubik's Cube like puzzles, EXCELLENT comprehensive links
Domain of the Cube (by Mark Longridge) one of the classic cube resources
Rubik's cube page (by Mike Reid) with links to other solutions to the cube, cube software, etc.
Cube page (by Georges Helm) a large cube-related resource
Christophe Goudey's page with a lot of useful info and LINKS!
Rubik's Cube site, where you can purchase different puzzles
Dan Knight's beginner's approach and Diego de Pereda's Beginner Solution are good places to start if you are a complete beginner.
Olly's (Stiffhand) site on blindfold cubing, speedcubing, and more ...
Bruno Jarno's World of Rubik's in french
Mike Reid's Pretty Patterns
Dan's Cube Station has some cool Java applets with animations of F2L and LL algorithms (great for those who are starting with the cube). Dan also organizes a weekly competition called the Fewest Moves Challenge. The goal is to solve the cube with the fewest number of moves without using computers or computer-found algorithms. Unless you can consistently solve the cube below 30 moves, you do not stand a chance to win this competition (that is if Mirek Goljan submits his solution) :)

Discussion groups

Yahoo Speed Solving Rubik's Cube Club
established in June 2000

Formet's Discussion Forum (established in April 2002)
Cube Lovers Mailing list archives searchable by date or subject. Cube Lovers is one of the oldest mailing lists on the Internet, established in 1980!
Alan Bawden's ftp site for Cube Lovers archive

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