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This is a copy of Ernö Rubik's signature as it appears in my notebook. He signed it at the World Championship in Budapest in 1982

This system for advanced cubers and is not appropriate for a beginner. It is intended for those of you who can already solve the cube in a few minutes and want to get really fast. If you are a complete beginner, please, visit Jasmine's Beginner Solution.

My system for solving Rubik's cube
Unique features
The first two layers (additional useful hints and examples of how I solve the first two layers)
The last layer
20 years of speed cubing (a short historical narrative)
Watch me solving the cube
Hints for speed cubing
Customizing algorithms
Multiple algorithms
Finger shortcuts
Move algorithms to your subconsciousness
No delays between algorithms
Faster twisting does not have to mean shorter times
Preparing the cube for record times
Hard work
What are the limits of speed cubing?

Collections of various algorithms (by Mirek Goljan, mgoljan (AT) binghamton. edu)
Swapping two edges and two corners
Swaping two and two edges
Twisting and moving corners and edges in one layer (by Mirek Goljan, mgoljan (AT) binghamton. edu)
Pretty patterns by Mirek Goljan, mgoljan (AT) binghamton. edu

Richard Carr is THE expert on solving large cubes with a list of his record times. Richard can solve the cube blindfolded and willingly shares with us his method. I met Richard in April 2003 and he showed me his incredible skills in person.

Guus Razoux Schultz on speed cubing

The World Championship, Budapest 1982

Hana Bizek's cube art

Dutch Cube Day, October 6, 2002

San Francisco Cubing, January 19, 2003

The 2nd World Championship in Rubik's Cube in Toronto, August 23-24, 2003

Press&Sun Bulletin, Binghamton Sep 11, 2003

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