Prof. Fowler's Other Things                                                     

  1. Smile It's A Musical: My daughter singing in a group as part of a weekend workshop at "Folk College"

                (Best if you download this movie, then play it from your computer)

  1. Summertime:  My daughter singing, me playing guitar

                (Best if you download this mp3 audio file, then play it from your computer)

  1. Where or When: My daughter singing in the IHS production of musical Babes in Arms

  2. Girl In The Mirror: My daughter singing one of her own songs at a variety show

  3. Autumn Leaves Arrangement

  4. Let It Snow Arrangement

  5. The Christmas Waltz Arrangement

  6. Guitar League Chords Workshop

  7. Folk College 2009 Jazz Chords: PowerPoint Version   PDF Version

  8. Tube Amplifier Stuff

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