EE521 Digital Signal Processing                          

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Background Assumed

It is assumed that you have had undergraduate courses providing WORKING knowledge of:


Homework Assignments & Solutions (pdf files)

Administrative Handouts (pdf files)

Lectures (pdf files)


Review and Overview

I-1: DSP Review

I-2: The Mathematical World of DSP

Equivalent Lowpass Signals & Bandpass Sampling

II-1: Bandpass Signals & Lowpass Equivalent Signals

II-1a: IQ Signal Examples

II-2: Bandpass Sampling

            Concept of Digital Frequency (This isn't really lecture notes - but rather some notes for outside reading)


DFT-Based Processing

III-1: DFT-Based Filtering

III-2: Windows

III-3: Frequency Measurement

III-4: Frequency Measurement in Noise   Example Plots


Multi-Rate Processing & Filerbanks

    Note: there is no "IV-1" set of notes - it got sucked into IV-2 below because it was too small on its own

IV-2: Decimate & Expand

IV-3: Transform View

IV-4: Linear Filters & Multirate

IV-5: Polyphase Filters 

IV-6: Multistage Schemes

IV-7: Filter Banks

IV-8: Uniform DFT Filter Bank

IV-9: Two-Channel Filter Banks

   IV-9a: Better Proof of 2-Tap QMF

IV-10:Correlation Processing


Random Signals

V-0: Probability Review  

    V-0a: Example: Partially Observed Dice

    V-0b: Examples: Pulse Detection

    V-0c: Example: Uncorrelated But Dependent         

V-1: Random Processes                 

V-2: Classification of RPs             

V-3: RP Examples                          

V-4: Power of RPs                         

V-5: Multiple RPs                          


Spectral Analysis of Random Signals

VI-1: Introduction & Periodogram

VI-2: Classical Methods

VI-3: Minimum Variance Method

            Additional Charts on Lagrange

VI-4: Parametric Methods

MATLAB Tutorial Links

Links of Interest

Tutorials and Reference Material

DSP Demos

Some interactive demos of DSP concepts (e.g., filter design)


DSP Tutorial

Some basics of DSP theory and implementation.


The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing

A freely downloadable DSP Book!!!!  Provides coverage at the level assumed as a pre-requisite for EE521 - so it's a good place to start if you need a refresher.


Signals & Systems Demos (Johns Hopkins University)

A neat set of java applets that demonstrate continuous-time & discrete-time signal processing at the level assumed as a pre-requisite for EE521 - so it's a good place to start if you need a refresher.


Implementation Oriented Material

Analog Devices DSP Site

Analog Devices manufactures DSP chips, ADC, digital receiver chips, etc.  This is a good place to see how the theory we cover gets put to use.


FFT Site

A wealth of info on the speed and complexity of various HW & SW implementations of the FFT.


Graychip's DSP Chip Site

Graychip manufactures DSP hardware like digital filter chips and digital receiver chips.


Application Oriented Material

Frequency Estimation

An overview of many different ways to estimate frequency.


Communication Systems Design Magazine

A magazine that covers tutorial-like articles on communication systems - thus, it often has some good info on DSP applications.  Check out the "archives" and in particular look at the column called "Building Blocks".


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